Gregg’s vegan cheese and ham baguette

My local store has finally stocked the vegan cheese and ham sandwiches! I had heard that these were coming sometime in early June but it is only now that I have actually found one.

Now strictly speaking it is not anything special at all. It is literally Quorn ham and violife cheese slices. So that is exactly what is tasted like. I think I would prefer it heated up, as the bread was quite stodgy and Violife cheese is normally a lot better when it is slightly melted. But other than that it is a good sandwich option.

It is also HUGE. I couldn’t even fit it in one picture it was that big. So for £2.50 this is easily one of the better options out there for a lunchtime sandwich.

I am more excited because it means that there is now a cheap and easily available option for me should I forget my lunch or want something a bit more filling. It is also nice to see a vegan sandwich that is plain and simple: no fancy ingredients or special sauces, just your run-of-the-mill basic sandwich. Which is also good if you are out with fussy eaters or are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend £4+ for a really posh and complicated sandwich.

Hopefully as time goes on and veganism begins to be more and more widely catered for, simpler options will start to be available. Plus it is also nice to have a break from the sausage rolls and steak bakes!

Overall: 5/10. It’s nothing special, but being cheap and easy to find what more could you want?

T xxx

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