Plant Based salmon

Today we have a weird one. We finally made it down to the Vegan Butcher counter at our local Asda store and I really could have bought everything. They had so many things: They had burgers, cheeses, tempeh, seitan, pizzas, ‘meat’, tuna, shrimp, calamari….honestly so many options that I literally had to pull myself away. If you find yourself near a Vegan Butcher counter, definitely check them out because they are truly special. Plus, the staff we spoke to seemed really passionate about the products and gave us some really good recipe ideas to try out, so it is worth it just to talk to some passionate foodie vegans.

We decided to try some vegan salmon slices. I think I maybe had a salmon and cream cheese bagel once in my life, but everyone talks about it pretty highly. So we gave it a go.

These are very odd.

They look like salmon, and they have that really weird fishy texture, but somehow it just tasted like a really, really, really watery carrot. I even tried a slice on it’s own – just in case the cream cheese was overpowering the flavour – and it was like eating a really thin slice of carrot that had been sat in a bowl of water for three weeks. Like I said the texture was spot on, and it obviously looks like salmon, but….it doesn’t taste of anything. It was actually really disappointing.

Now again I think I have only had salmon once and it was now at least over 10 years ago, so my memory may be a bit hazy as to what salmon actually tastes like. But…it does taste of something right? Or is salmon meant to be a super watery type of fish? If it isn’t then this is even more disappointing, but if it is, I really don’t get what all the fuss is about.

Although it has given me some inspiration to try and make vegan salmon, as apparently it’s quite an easy thing to do with carrots. I mean I say it’s easy now….I’ll let you know once I have actually tried a recipe!

Overall: 1/10. Texture good, but everything else bad.

T xxx

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