Bon Bag Vegan selection

It was my partners birthday in June and one of his lovely colleagues gifted him this huge bag of vegan sweets. So naturally I had to try at least SOME of them.

Now this bag was huge. It was 800g and it was filled to the brim with candies. There was also a really good selection: gummy bears, sugar gummy bears, sour rings, cola bottles, milk bottles, bubblegum bottles (lots of bottles basically) and spaceman gummies. They also had strawberries and wine gum type gummies. So definitely a really good selection of different sweets.

I think all in all in took us about a week and a bit to get through the packet, so they definitely are not something you can eat in one sitting. Well…I mean you probably COULD eat it in one sitting but I don’t think you’d feel too great afterwards. I always find that vegan sweets are a lot tougher than the non-vegan kind: The gummy is more like a wine gum than a jelly baby. If that makes sense. As such, they are pretty darn chewy so probably not the best option if you have braces/fillings.

As these were a gift, I am not sure where they were brought from so don’t know how much they actually cost. Having a quick look online, it seems you can buy this bag, for example, for about £12. Which is actually a lot cheaper than I thought it might be considering the huge size you get. If you want to buy a decent vegan gift for someone these are definitely a great option.

That being said, while these are great for a gift, you can get smaller packets of vegan sweets in most supermarkets without having to spend a lot of money. Tesco, for example, have 3 for £1 deal on their sweets, and there are about 5 or 6 accidentally vegan options to choose from. Also, a lot of products are now being made to be vegan friendly – such as wine gums – or were always vegan – like skittles. I imagine this type of packet though would be a good idea to give to someone that is either just starting their vegan journey and wants some ideas, or to someone who is still questioning veganism to show them just how many options are out there these days.

Overall: 7/10. As a gift idea it would be 10/10, but it’s probably not something you would buy for yourself on too regular a basis.

T xxx

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