My newest tattoo

This past year has been rough: Aside from Covid, we went from being a family of 6 down to a family of 3. Our sweet Merry crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May 2020, with Pippin following him on Christmas Eve 2020. Then in March 2021, we had to make the horrible and heartbreaking decision to put our Sasha Bean to sleep. Her health had been steadily declining since we got her in 2019, and earlier this year she took a really downhill spiral. We did all we could for months but in the end we knew this would be the kindest option and stop her being in pain everyday.

I miss them everyday and the house feels too big now. Like there is too much space left from where they once were. Lola, however, is doing amazing and I do not think there was ever a more snuggly or sassy bunny that ever lived. She is making full use of that extra space and honestly, I know she is very happy indeed being the sole pet – she no longer has to share cuddles! We dote on her every single day and hopefully she will continue to live a full and happy life for another 8+ years.

But I wanted to get something for my other babies. I will never forget them, but some days it is harder than others to accept what this past year has brought. While I am forever grateful and thankful that I have not lost any of my human loved ones this past year – especially when so many others have – losing a pet can still be like losing a member of your family. I therefore decided to honour them in the best way I could think.

I love tattoos, and have always really admired the artistry and talent that goes into making a tattoo. Unfortunately due to my job I can not have anything too crazy: I need to have them where they are easy to hide and, if they are seen, are not of anything that someone could find offensive or unprofessional. Attitudes to tattoo s are changing but unfortunately there are still some industries that have a very backwards way of thinking about this form of self expression.

I got a black and white bunny and honestly it is the most perfect tattoo. That little face never fails to make me smile and I have not stopped staring at it since I got it. Now when I am having a hard day, I can look at my arm and remember that my babies are still with me, and will now forever be with me no matter where I may go next.

T xxx

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