Doughnut Time: Liam Hemsworthy

During our week off, we finally decided to venture into London. This is the first time we have been into London since February 2020. As someone who went to university in London and then later working in London for most of my career, it felt very strange to be able to be a tourist once again. We we went to our usual favourite places, and that of course meant a trip to the greatest doughnut shop in England: Doughnut Time.

I believe that Doughnut Time only have shops in London (we went to the one that is outside of Chinatown) so unfortunately it is not a store we can visit on too regular a basis. But whenever we go to London we usually go out of our way to pick up one of these bad boys. The shop also seems to be 90% vegan friendly: When we visited they actually only had 3 non-vegan options available, and the other 10 or so were all vegan friendly. So definitely spoilt for choice.

I decided to try the Liam Hemsowrthy doughnut. And yes, all of their doughnuts have humorous names. My personal favourite is the Gordon Jamsey. But I decided to try the Liam for something new. It is a red velvet doughnut with cookies and creams icing and cookie chunks on top of it.

It was bloomin’ gorgeous. I have previously tried their Lotus based doughnut (The David Hasselhof) and can only manage about 2 or 3 bites before it starts to get really really sickly. But this one was much nicer. The icing is obviously quite sickly – as almost all icing tends to be – but the doughnut itself wasn’t overly sweet so it didn’t get sickly at all.

The doughnuts however are HUGE. Look at the size of these monsters!? Price wise they all seem to be around £4.95, so while it is a bit pricier than other options out there, I think these are excellent value. As I say, you only need one, and even sharing it with someone else you may be hard pushed to finish even half depending on which doughnut you go for. The Liam Hemsworthy was indeed very worthy: I finished it and was very much satisfied. I think it helped that I had spent the about 4 hours walking around London prior to having this, so had definitely worked up an appetite for this!#

As I say these doughnuts are amazing and there are so many options. I think it is a blessing and a curse that you can only get them in London, as it means I cannot just pick one up after work everyday, but it also means that when I do go into London I know that I will definitely be getting at least one sweet treat to compensate for all of the steps I have done to get to them.

Overall: 10/10. I think it’s safe to say that no matter which doughnut you pick, you will end up with one very serious treat.

T xxx

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