Superdrug Tea Tree foaming facial wash

I am one of those lucky people who has odd skin: In the winter, my skin is stupidly dry, yet in the summer it can get quite oily. I do wear make up most days – mainly because of work or because I’m out seeing people – but I do try my best to always remove my make up properly before adding any creams or toners to my face before bed.

I find the Superdrug range to usually be pretty good, especially for how cheap some of the products are. I think this facial wash is about £2.50 and it usually lasts me a good four months or so. Superdrug’s own range is also always vegan friendly so you have so many options to choose from.

This stuff is probably my favourite. It removes my make up without completely stripping my skin or requiring me to scrub really hard, and it luckily doesn’t have that super strong smell that tea tree always has. The foam is also fun to play with – I like to give myself a foam moustache before I really start the washing process.

Only downside is that in winter it does dry my skin pretty badly. The cold weather obviously doesn’t help at all, but I do find my skin is not as soft after i’m done with this face wash. In the summer though, this face wash is really refreshing and wakes me up a bit after a long day of work. It also helps to get rid of any excess oil or stubborn make up from my face.

Unfortunately, England only has about 3 months of Summer and those days are not always consecutive. I have yet to find a product though that removes my make up as well as this does without requiring me to scrub my face with a scouring pad. If anyone has any suggestions please do let me know!

Overall: 7/10. It works perfectly for about 3 months of the year but I fear it may be a bit too harsh for the rest of the year.

T xxx

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