Maui shea butter shampoo and conditioner

As some of you may know, I am currently in the process of embracing and nurturing my true curly hair. I have spent at least the last 15 years straightening my hair, trying to tame it and control it and then getting mad when my hair would start to crimp at the slightest hint of moisture. Last year, I decided to stop fighting the curls, and to see what would happen if I really just embraced the curls and actually started to treat my curly hair as curly hair.

I have heard really good things about the Maui range and they do have a lot of options out there. I found this range in Tesco, Boots, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s (at least near me) so they are really available and easy to get a hold of. They are somewhat expensive – the shampoo and conditioner was £6 each! – but compared to some of the other curly hair products out there these are actually much cheaper. Why is curly hair stuff so expensive??

The brand is also vegan friendly which is obviously what I am after. Maybe that is why it’s expensive….?

In all honesty the conditioner is exactly like every other conditioner I’ve ever used. Cannot really tell any difference, except that it does smell really lovely. I come out of the shower smelling like a bowl of tropical fruit so that’s always nice! I have very damaged hair, so I usually always use a massive load of conditioner in an attempt to repair my hair. I am not 100% certain it is working, but my hair is definitely bouncier and when I brush my hair (with conditioner still in) I am getting some truly fat curls.

The shampoo also works really well for me. I had used the Umberto Giannini curl shampoo and that was more like a gel. But the Maui shampoo is much creamier. It doesn’t lather up much (as there are no sulphates, which I believe is what makes products lather up) but it does spread over my roots much easier than the Umberto shampoo. I do like that I don’t have to really pull at my roots or scrub at my head like a mad man. It again smells lovely, so that’s also a plus.

The downside however is the packaging. Plastic aside, these bottles are SOLID. Now granted I do not have the best grip strength but there is so little give in these bottles that I genuinely fear they might crack if I squeeze too hard. They may as well be made out of glass. It also makes me a bit nervous for when the bottle starts to get empty, as I fear I will be standing in my shower doing my best Norman Bates impression trying to shake the contents to the squeezey end of the bottle.

Overall: 9/10. Currently the best ones I have used, although I shall be trying the rest of the range to see if any of the others all stand up.

T xxx

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