Tesco Bakery Pretzels

The smell of a bakery is always so heartwarming, and during our weekly shop we actually managed to get to the store just as all of the freshly baked goods were being put onto display. The tiger bread and cupcakes definitely called us from across the store.

Now I am 99.99% certain that these pretzels are vegan friendly. The only allergens listed (or ingredients as a whole really) were wheat and barley. I also googled them online and while only labelled ‘vegetarian’ I couldn’t see anything that would make them not vegan friendly. One downside of the Tesco bakery is that their labels say NOTHING so you always end up having to check the full range of ingredients online anyway. Makes you wonder why they even bother having a label in the first place?!

But I digress…

I don’t know why but I always expect baked pretzels to be sweet. But these were literally bread in a funky shape. They were very doughy, and very bland. But, as I say, they were bread rolls in a funny shape. They were also HUGE. Like I do not know how four people could finish both, let alone two people. I think my partner and I managed to eat one between the two of us and even then we both ended up with carb sweats. So definitely won’t be buying those too often unless we are looking for a serious carb loading meal.

We did have the idea though that they may be really good with toppings on. We did try dipping them in Biscoff Spread, and that made a huge difference. Because they are so thick though, you’d probably want to share one regardless of what topping you put onto it. But maybe next time we have people over, we could get these pretzels and a whole heap of toppings to let people decorate them to whatever flavour combination they would like. I think for that sort of situation – for a kid’s party or date idea – these would actually be a really fun option.

Have any of you guys tried this before? Have you got any go-to topping combinations that I should try out next time to see if they can be improved? Let me know and I shall do my best to try them all!

Overall: 5/10. A lot of potential there, but on their own they’re very boring.

T xxx

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