Simmons lemon and sultana cake

Simmons is a small chain baking company in my local area, however with no actual store easy walking distance to me I have not actually been able to see their whole selection. They do have an online store, but as with most things they tend to have slightly different things on offer ins tore as well as what is on their website. I was very excited when someone at work actually brought in some of their cakes the other day, as I have heard that they are really good.

They were very right! The cakes are not overly big – more like a loaf cake than an actual round cake – but it was clearly labelled as being vegan friendly. Which is always a plus and I am always surprised that more stores are not as obvious with their vegan products.

The cake was very moist and went perfect with a cup of tea. It had that wonderful lemon zing and the sultanas were a lovely change of texture and an extra burst of sweetness. It also seemed to have a lemon drizzle over the top of it which gave the cake a little bit more sweetness to it, rather than just loads more zing.

I only had one slice, and to b honest that was more than enough to satisfy my cake cravings. Anymore than one slice and I probably would have either turned into a lemon myself or gone into a cake coma.

Overall: 7/10. Will have to try the other options before I can give definitive rankings!

T xxx

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