Alpro mango yogurt

It is currently 27 degrees in England, which is always a shock for us Brits. I also stand by the fact that British heat is not the same as any other type of heat. In the US and the Mediterranean, you at least have a cooling breeze on you (at least form my experience). Not in England. It is just heat….constant, unwavering heat. As someone who is always cold, this is actually a very welcome change, but for most of the people I know this heat is just too bizarre for us to cope with.

Another upside to the heat is that it means I can have cold breakfasts again that isn’t cereal. in winter, I live off of warm breakfasts, but when it is so hot outside you do not want porridge. I am also trying to be a bit healthier in my meals so am looking out for some fun ways to spice up rather dull options.

I am someone who could live off of fruit forever. I would never go so far as to be fully raw, but I would very happily gorge myself on fruit if given half the chance. But in an attempt to spice up my fruit salad in the mornings, I gave Alpro yogurt a try.

I love mangoes, but I always find that when a product says it is ‘fruit flavoured’, it usually means it is barely flavoured like the thing it says it should be flavoured as. This tub was mango flavoured, but I didn’t really get that much mango. It was sweeter than the plain yogurt, but if I had blindly tasted it I would never have guessed mango. It did have tiny little chunks of mango in it, but these were so mushy it tasted just like the yogurt anyway.

It’s also a bit of a weird colour. It is sort of yellow. Kind of beige. Either way it is not the most appealing of colours. My picture doesn’t really show it too well but it is almost a dirty mustard colour. So if you are someone who eats with your eyes just be aware that this colour is not the most appealing. It also gave everything a slightly bitter taste: The fruit was super sweet, while the yogurt was a bit tangy. Which meant it all sort of levelled out to being quite bland.

Overall: 4/10. Probably best to stick with your plain yogurt really…

T xxx

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