M&S Strawberry Cheesecake

Summertime calls for summer treats! Yet again M&S coming through with their range of treats and their summer snacks.

I was always a cheesecake fan, even if the cheesecake never loved me back. When I went vegan it was practically impossible to find a decent replacement. I am not sure if it’s because vegan dairy can be so hard to whip properly? Either way the only ones I had ended up being very stodgy and heavy, not the light and airy melt-in-your-mouth versions that I was such a fan of.

M&S however have made a very good attempt. The one thing that got me though, is how it is always strawberry! The options available tend to always be strawberry. Don’t get me wrong, I love strawberries, but if you can make strawberry cheesecake surely you can make other flavours too right? OR is strawberry just the safest option as it’s guaranteed to sell?

This cheesecake was good but nothing too special. It was definitely creamy and soft, which is just what you want from a cheesecake, but it didn’t really taste of much. You got a real kick of strawberry on first bite, but it disappeared really quickly and you were left with just a bit of a…milky? creamy? That kind of taste. It was also quite dry, in the sense that it needed a cup of tea to go with it. You know when you put peanut butter on the roof of a dog’s mouth and they sit there trying to get it off, and it can be quite cute and funny to watch? That was me about three bites into this, except I know it didn’t look cute.

Now I did eat both of these. Mainly because my partner doesn’t really like cheesecake and also because they were due to expire during the week, and in an attempt to sort out my diet, I have given up any sweet treats during the week. So downside is you can eat both in one weekend. Upside is though, you probably won’t even notice. They are very light so are not very filling at all, and while they have a slight sweetness to them, they are not sickly. I ate both and felt absolutely fine – no sugar shock or anything! Make of that what you will. They are also pretty small, so while are probably fine for two people, probably not the best option if you’re wanting to cater for a few others too.

Overall: 6/10. They’re alright, but nothing overly special.

T xxx

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