Moser Roth vegan chocolate

Since the EPIC betrayal of Tesco changing their recipe of their chocolate orange bar, I have been searching for a good chocolate replacement. One that doesn’t cost a load of money but still manages to taste like chocolate. There are a lot of options out there now, so I feel it is only my duty to check these out one by one.

I have never heard of Moser Roth, but they had quite the selection (I saw selection – there were 3 options that I saw, but that’s still a fair amount compared to some other brands) so I thought I would try them. They also state that the brand is rain forest certified cocoa and fair trade, so it also makes me happy to think that I am supporting a brand that is actively trying to do good.

It was unfortunately quite underwhelming. Like it tastes nice….but that’s it. It also tastes powdery. The chocolate itself was actually quite smooth, so I am not sure how it got that weird powdery aftertaste in it. But I find with some of the cheaper brands this does tend to happen. Perhaps it is something to do with the quality of ingredients? Or the manufacturing process? Whatever it is, it’s just a bit meh.

It also wasn’t overly chocolatey. I get that the chocolate has to be watered down (or milked down?) to make it milk chocolate, and so it isn’t super bitter, but you still want it to taste like chocolate. And this one just didn’t really. It tasted like a synthetic chocolate. If you’ve ever had a protein cookie or one of those ‘healthy’ treats that claims to ‘taste like chocolate’, that is the flavour I am referring to.

Overall: 4/10. It shall do for now…but the search for good chocolate continues!

T xxx

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