Beyond Meat Burger

I finally decided to take the plunge and try the Beyond Meat range. I have heard that these are meant to be amazing and I finally decided, with the weather what it is and social gatherings now allowed, it seemed like the right time.

For starters, these are a weird one. They do not look like meat. They come out of the packet looking quite pale, like most vegan burgers do really. When you cook them they do get quite pink and crisp up very nicely across the top and bottoms where they have been grilled. They also don’t really smell of anything. I mean they smell like tofu? And tofu doesn’t really smell. They also had their own….juices. It was grease (or maybe it was, who knows) but as soon as you started to cook them they started to fry in their own juice, and when you bit into them you actually had ‘meat juice’ come out of them.

But then you eat them and GOODNESS ME are these scary good. The texture is exactly how I remember beef burgers to be. It was almost crumbly, the way that mince crumbles when you’re cooking it. And it tasted like meat. Not fake meat or really well seasoned tofu, but actual meat. To the point that I actually had to recheck the package to triple check I hadn’t picked up the wrong one! Now when I did eat meat I always enjoyed a good burger, so this taste was wonderful to relive that again. But the vegan moral part of my brain just could not compute vegan products being this meaty.

Personally, I like knowing for certain that my meat free products are completely meat free. I prefer the slightly ‘synthetic’ texture and taste of some vegan products, as it reconfirms for me that I am, most definitely, not eating meat. By all means it can taste like meat, but I don’t really like having a direct copy of a meat product. I think that is why I’m still quite uncertain as to whether or not I actually like these.

However, I can see why these are so popular and are so raved about. If you served these at a BBQ of very committed meat eaters, I bet you £1million that no one would be able to tell the difference. These burgers will do wonders to help convert a lot of people to eat more meatless options, and it is quite amazing to see just how far vegan food has come in the past few years.

Price wise, they are quite pricey. £5 for a pack of 2 so if you are hosting quite a few people it can obviously get very expensive very quickly. But that being said these are definitely worth that price. Personally I wouldn’t buy these too often, but as a special meal or a once in a while treat, these would be worth it.

Overall: 15/10. Almost too good….makes me nervous.

T xxx

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