Linda McCartney chicken roast

Linda McCartney foods are one of those brands that are always of a really high standard. Their foods are slightly more expensive than most brands, but personally I have never really been disappointed with anything they have released. One of our favourite dishes was the meatloaf roast – I believe it was meant to be a replica of a meatloaf with tons of gravy on it. We had it for Christmas a few years ago and it is still one of the best meals we have had.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen that roast on sale near me for some time, so not sure if it is a Christmas/seasonal exclusive. Hence why I was so keen to try this version when I found it last week. The good thing about Linda McCartney too is that the majority of the range is freezable, so you can really stock up and not have to worry about expiry dates too much.

This was…in need of gravy. Or some sort of sauce on it. It has a very flaky texture to it, but it is still a really chunky meal. It doesn’t look too big while you’re cooking it but trust me when I say that it is PACKED. It’s literally a brick of textured soya on your plate. So the good thing is that it very filling, but the downside is that it is probably just a bit too much for two people, let alone one person. This would do great if you had a few people over though and wanted something easy to shove in the oven for them.

I think because it is meant to be chicken, it doesn’t really taste of much. It isn’t unpleasant in anyway, but if you have ever had plain tofu or plain chicken, you know what I am referring to. I think next time we will definitely try it with a rich sauce or a good thick gravy, just to give it that extra flavour.

Overall: 7/10. A really good base, but definitely needs more.

T xxx

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