GRO dark choc chunk cookies

I decided to venture out on my lunch break the other day and went into a store that I never really shop in: Co Op. There is only a little one in my town and it’s about a ten minute walk from my office. So I finally made the trip down there. I have heard pretty good things about Co Op’s vegan selection so hoped I would get lucky.

Boy did I get lucky! As it is a small store, they only really stock your usual groceries – mostly grab and go lunch options or meal deals with basic bakery and long life goods. But even with just that they had a load of options! If I ever need a sandwich on my lunch I am definitely checking this little Co Op out again.

I decided to try these little cookies though. They were due to expire on the day so were heavily discounted, so even if they turned out to be awful I wouldn’t really have minded too much.

I use the word little very lightly though as these things were HUGE. They also did not mess around when they say ‘chunky’ on the front. Look at the size of those chunks! The dark chocolate was rich and creamy, but not overly bitter or overpowering. The cookie was also the perfect cookie texture, with a nice hard outside and a lovely soft middle. Now I don’t know if these were technically ‘stale’ since they expired on the day, but even stale these were lovely. I definitely want to buy a fresh packet now to see if they have that warm, cookie-dough type texture.

They were also not very crumbly, which I was surprised at. Again I assumed they may be a bit stale being so close to the expiration date but these cookies held together really well. Their size did make them quite sickly though, as I could not eat them all on my own – I think I actually shared them with some of my work friends so that they didn’t go to waste!

Overall: 8/10. Will need to try these fresh before I can fully comment.

T xxx

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