This isn’t chicken lemon and herb skewers

I feel British Summertime has finally arrived, which means we potentially only have 5 random non-consecutive days left of it! Time to head to the stores and stock up on as many BBQ goods as you can carry and get to grilling.

The ‘This isn’t’ range is,m for the most part, pretty good. It seems to be consistently good, if not slightly overpriced for some things. I was therefore pretty safe with trying out these new skewers that appeared in my local supermarket. They had two flavours – smokey BBQ and Lemon and herb. I decided to try the lemon and herb, as I thought that would probably be the most complimentary if I was also have grilled veg and a burger or hot dog.

These were, as expected, really good. The chicken has that meaty texture, but is still not exactly the same as the meat version. I personally prefer that, as I like knowing for certain that my food is definitely not meat, but if you are looking for a perfect replacement these are about 80% perfect for that. I guess it also applies on the opposite side of the argument, where if you really dislike ‘meaty’ texture then these may not be for you.

I was a little disappointed at how much you actually got on a skewer, as they are actually quite small anyway. You also only get 4 in a pack it felt quite expensive to pay nearly £5 for it. If you were wanting to do these for a large group of people, I think you’d be better off making them yourself with the This Isn’t Chicken pieces and your own fruit and veg. They were very yummy but 2 skewers is definitely not enough to be a full meal. As a side, along with a burger or some extra grilled veg these would be brilliant, but on their own you’ll still be quite hungry afterwards.

The sauce was also very nice, but I tend to prefer quite a light and bland taste. I shall have to try the BBQ sauce version next and I shall let you know which is the better option!

Overall: 8/10. Needs more. Perfect for a lone meal but not really worth it for a large group.

T xxx

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