Wicked very berry porridge pot

In an attempt to look after my body a bit more, I have been trying to eat more healthy foods. For breakfast, I have started to really enjoy my porridge, either with fruit or a little spoonful of lotus just to give it some flavour. I have found it stops me snacking throughout the day and is also quite comforting on this miserable and rainy May days. That being said, there are some days when I wake up and cannot think of anything worse than having to sit by the stove and make myself porridge.

I therefore decided to give some instant noodles a try, just to see if they would be worth having in stock at home for those mornings where I still want to eat healthy, I just don’t want to have to cook anything. Personally, I have always found the Wicked range to be very hit or miss, so I didn’t have high hopes going into this.

I was – unfortunately – not disappointed. This stuff was quite gross. It did taste of berries (sort of), but no matter how slowly I added the water and mixed, it just wouldn’t thicken up. It just remained this watery gloop. Which I don’t necessarily mind, but every mouthful had some kind of powdery grit to it. Like whatever they used to flavour it just….didn’t mix. You could almost feel it on your teeth it was that weird powder texture.

Overall: 2/10. I guess I just need to make my own porridge every morning….

T xxx

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