Vegan at Krusty Burger

During our trip to LA two years ago, Universal Studios was one of our favourite days. If you have never been, you should! We also got super lucky in that we went in a really off-peak time: The entire park was practically dead, we waited no more than 10 minutes for any ride, and I got to meet so many of the characters! It was such a lovely day and I wish it was possible for us to go back more often.

One of the best parts of Universal was Springfield. Having grown up with The Simpsons – with Lisa the Vegetarian being a MASSIVE part of my own veggie journey – it was so much fun to be able to run around Springfield and see all of the different places. Unfortunately the massive pink sprinkle donut was not vegan friendly, otherwise that bad boy would have been my lunch AND dinner.

I was very excited though to actually go to Krusty burger. We had packed some snacks for the day just incase they didn’t have any options, and was quite surprised that Krusty Burger had a vegan option. I will admit I did not have high hopes: I thought it would be your standrad fast food type burger.

Now I will admit, it didn’t look great. It was, however, huge. As most food seemed to be in the US. It did come out looking a little bit flat and limp, but for a theme park I didn’t really expect it to be anything close to posh.

It tasted absolutely amazing! It did taste like a fast food burger, in that you could easily tell that it wasn’t super fresh and had probably been pre-made elsewhere before being shipped to Krusty Burger, but even with all of that it was still really moist and super tasty. The patty was a bean patty, with a very slight spice to it, and came with vegan mayo and some lettuce. I was very surprised at just how bloomin’ good it was! The flavours all worked well together and even though it was a ‘fast food burger’ it wasn’t greasy or salty at all and was very filling.

It was also the perfect size. Yes, it was pretty big by other burger standards, but with the small portion of chips that came with it, it made a very satisfying and filling meal without making you feel like a grease bucket afterwards. I did leave a few chips, but the burger definitely hit the spot and helped me take a well needed break from the LA sunshine and about 15k steps.

It was lucky we had this burger when we did though because there were actually very few other vegan options available to us apart from chips. Which was kind of disappointing. It was good that we brought a load of snacks with us, otherwise we would have been very hangry little tourists! I do not know if it has increased the vegan options available around the park, so please let me know if there’s anything new that I need to try out! Any excuse to go back really….

I live close to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, but seeing the actual Hogwarts Castle and the whole of Hogsmead town was like being home again – the fact that all of the actors also had English accents was also very comforting and gave me a nice little bit of home sickness. But no vegan butterbeer for me but I did get to live out my 10 year old fantasy of going to Hogwarts.

Overall: 8/10. Still fast food, but good lordy was it was good!

T xxx

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