Meatless Farm Hot Dogs

Nothing says summer like BBQ! While it is still raining non-stop in England, we are now allowed up to 6 people inside our homes so it looks like the BBQ is having to move indoors.

Meatless Farms is very quickly becoming my favourite brand of meat substitutes. Their food is always very consistently good so it has become quite the staple in my household. I have been very impressed by everything they’ve offered so far, so I had high hopes for these. The good thing about hot dogs too is that they are – without fail – super synthetic anyway. So while these may not be the healthiest meat substitute out there, I am still very excited.

I cooked them by boiling in water for 5-7 minutes. You can also cook them on the grill or the hob but this seemed the quickest and (knowing my luck) least smoke-inducing of the options. Fun fact: hot dog water smells pretty gross. Be prepared for that. One of my first jobs in school was working at a local football stadium in the hospitality kiosks, where we served hot dogs to very drunk football fans. If you were new to the team, your right of passage was to empty the hot dog machines – this involved emptying a bucket of boiling water that had been keeping hot dogs warm for about 3-4 hours. It was tough, but if you could handle that you could handle anything!

Perhaps next time I shall try the grill option…

These were indistinguishable from the meat version. I use the term meat very lightly here but you get what I mean. You would not be able to tell the difference if you served these at a BBQ. They tasted exactly how you expect a hot dog to taste, and with a little bit of ketchup and a big crunchy roll, it honestly tasted like Summer.

You get four in a packet and a packet costs £2.50, so value wise they are definitely on par with most meat versions. They’re also good value if you want to serve quite a few people at a BBQ, as they taste amazing without you needing to spend a ton of money.

They also always make me giggle because in the UK you can also call hot dogs ‘wieners’. And I have the sense of humour of a ten year old and make myself giggle asking my partner if he would like a wiener.

Overall: 10/10. Summer 2021 has finally been saved!

T xxx

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