Tofoo southern fried bites

In an attempt to eat a bit healthier, I have been trying to get back into enjoying tofu. Tofu is amazing for you, but it is also the most fickle of mistresses. I can never cook it properly – no matter what I do to it, it always ends up just crumbling when I cook it. No matter how long I drain it, marinate it or put it into the freezer, it just never works out. So I was very excited to realise that the brand Tofoo have recently brought out a lot of new range of tofu meals.

These southern fried bites are lovely! They are super crispy on the outside and wonderfully light and fluffy on the inside. They had that crumbly tofu texture without actually falling apart when you bite into them. The spice was also a really nice kick, without blowing your face off. They were very much like chicken nuggets, but better.

They were also surprisingly filling. The pack came with 8 pieces, and 4 each was more than enough. We had these as our main meal with come carrots, broccoli and a little bit of pasta, and it was a very light but satisfying dinner. Tofuu also appear to do three other flavours so I will definitely be making my way through these!

Overall: 9/10. I would like to try the other flavours as well before I give a true ranking.

T xxx

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