Andros chocolate pots

COVID restrictions eased again here in England on Monday, and we are now allowed up to six people into our houses and we can actually hug people once more. Unfortunately though the weather has been nothing but rain for the past 14 days, so naturally all our planned summer picnics and BBQs are having to be moved inside.

I found these in my local supermarket listed as new. And we all know it would be rude for me not to try them!

These are kind of a let down. They do taste nice, but not…right away. You take a mouthful and get nothing, but then a few seconds after swallowing you get a really strong almond taste. I didn’t get very much chocolate taste with it. Like I said it’s not a bad tasting dessert, it’s just not very chocolatey. Which is sort of needed if you’re buying a chocolate pot.

These were £3 (at my shop anyway), and you do get 2 pots in a pack so price wise it’s actually not bad value. But given the overall taste I don’t think i’d buy them too regularly. Personally, if I had to chose between these and the M&S pots, I’d choose the M&S pots.

Overall: 5/10. They’re ok, but not really what was advertised.

T xxx

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