This isn’t bacon lardons

Where to begin with these. I am not sure how new these are but they have only just come into stock at my local supermarket. Overall, the ‘This isn’t’ range tends to be pretty good – it has a good texture and flavour and is one of the more affordable brands on the market. So we thought these would be worth a try.

I was very wrong. I can’t even tell you what they tasted like because they added absolutely nothing. They made no impact. I thought I’d try mixing them in with usual carbonara recipe, but they did nothing. If I hadn’t have put them into the recipe myself, I would never have known they were there. The texture was non-existent and the flavour was non-existent. I even cooked them separately as directed before hand and still nothing.

I suppose I cannot be too surprised – out of a collection, there are bound to be a few duds. Perhaps this was just not meant to be.

Overall: 0/10. It would be more flavourful to add extra air to your meal.

T xxx

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