vegan carrot cake

I don’t care what anyone says, carrot cake is definitely the best kind of cake. I would even go so far as to say that it is better than chocolate. Plus it’s made out of carrots so it’s obviously really good for you. I have never been able to find many different cake flavours so I was quite surprised to see a carrot cake vegan option when out for coffee and cake.

This little treat was actually from a small, local cafe that has just opened up down my local high street. Like a divy though I didn’t get the name…but I shall update you as to the name when I go back! Because they also had a load of other vegan options that I need to test out.

The carrot cake was a bit stodgier than I would have liked, but it was still very tasty. It also seemed to have walnut/almond chunks throughout it so it gave it a really nice crunch as you ate it. This also meant that it was very filling, and while it was a small slice, that was more than enough to satisfy me for the rest of the day (sweet tooth wise anyway – I still had dinner!).

The icing was nice, but it did get very sickly after the first few bites and was also quite overpowering. I ended up scrapping off most of it so it only left a thin layer on top and that actually balanced the whole cake out really nicely. I think cream cheese icing can be so hard to get right, and since you’re adding it to an already quite sweet cake, it turns into sugar shock really quickly.

Overall: 6/10. I think it could do with less icing, and possibly less crunch to it. But overall a very satisfying little nibble.

T xxx

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