Hula Hoop potato chips

Have you ever looked at Hula Hoops and thought ‘These would be so much better if they were actual roast potatoes’? No? Well….clearly someone at Iceland did…

My mind cannot quite understand why you would turn potato chip crisps into…potato chips. Like are they not the same thing? Just the crisps are cooked for way longer and are way thinner? Like are these not just really fat crisps?!

The confusion doesn’t end once you eat them either. Because they taste exactly like Hula Hoops. The texture is the real thing that gives them away though because they aren’t crispy…they’re like somewhat soggy crisps. But they do not taste stale. I am probably not explaining this well but the whole situation confuses me greatly. Even more so when they even look like massive Hula Hoops.

They taste exactly like Hula Hoops, so that’s great because Hula Hoops are definitely top tier crisps and I honestly could eat a huge pack of Hula Hoops unaided with no hesitation. But the texture makes your brain think you’re eating crisps that you accidentally spilled water on first. They definitely do not crisp up like you would expect roast potatoes to do so…but if they did get super crispy would they not just become really big Hula Hoop crisps?

The bag is massive and it did only cost £2, so in that sense it is really good value for money because the bag is also really filled up. So if you try them and like them, they could be a really good staple for those lazy cooking days.

Unfortunately I am not one of those people. Someone send help. Clearly my brain is not ready for this.

Overall: 3/10. Just eat the crisps. Save yourself the headache.

T xxx

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