Quorn Roarsomes – dino nuggets

If there is one universal truth in this world, it is that everyone loves dino nuggets. These are the most nostalgic of meals: Mashed potato volcano with beans coming our of the top, broccoli trees and four dino nuggets awaiting their destruction. Now I am a full grown adult, and this is still the most fun, and comforting meal that I have ever had. So you can imagine the universal excitement when Quorn released vegan versions.

If you have tried the Quorn nuggets, then these taste exactly the same. Except they are shaped like dinos. A T-Rex, Stegosaurus and a Brontosaurus to be exact. Or maybe it’s a dipladocus. Regardless of the exact names, the easiest way to identify dinos will always be with Land Before Time Logic: you get a sharp tooth, a three horn and a long neck.

SIDE NOTE: If you have not seen the Land Before Time, you should. As a kid it was one of my favourite films. As an adult it broke my heart multiple times. Where kids’ movies always so dark!? It was this movie, along with ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ that probably made me into such a dino nerd.

For the nostalgia alone these tings are great, but as a meal they are basically funny shaped nuggets. They are crunchy on the outside, but with most Quorn things the inside is quite dry so they definitely need a sauce with them. You also only get 6 dinos in a pack. While they only cost £2 (so not the worst price I suppose) they really only do enough for 2 meals….3 at an absolute push. But they are no where near filling enough to be the main component of your meal so make sure to load up on the green forest and mashed potato volcano.

I have also only seen these for sale in Iceland, so are not the most accessible of foods. And to have them delivered, the delivery fee will probably be more than the actual packet so don’t be in too much of a rush for them.

Overall: 5/10. Perfect for those comfort meals, but not substantial enough to be a regular meal.

T xxx

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