BB’s Lemon drizzle muffin

Muffins are one of the main joys in life. Have you ever met someone who said that they didn’t like muffins? Exactly. So it baffles me how some places just cannot make a good muffin. Either their too dry or too stodgy or they have too much filling or not enough filling. How can something so tiny go so wrong?!

BBs, I have found, to be super hit and miss. They make amazing smoothies, and their hot drinks are normally pretty good. But their muffins can be really odd. I have had some lovely, moist muffins but i have also had some terrible and crumbling muffins.

This was a bad one. The muffin itself wasn’t bad but there is no need – ever – to have that much lemon filling. In anything. Ever. It was so gross. It wasn’t even sickly. It was just like eating a whole lemon. But a really creamy, lemon paste. It would have been nice had it just been about 5% filing, rather than the 90% that was actually in it. It was so overpowering and it just caked your mouth in this weird lemon paste so that I couldn’t even taste the rest of the muffin.

Overall: 2/10. Any muffin with filing seems to be a bad idea.

T xxx

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