Green and Black’s raspberry and hazelnut chocolate

Since Tesco have changed their chocolate recipe to no longer be vegan friendly (my disappoint was immeasurable that chocolate orange is no longer suitable for vegans) I have now been on the look out for a flavour of chocolate that isn’t just ‘milk’ or ‘dark’.

Green and Black’s always looks quite decadent, and as they are accidentally vegan I decided to treat myself. I went for the raspberry and hazelnut as I wanted something that sounded a bit fancy. I was not disappointed.

This stuff was so creamy! I couldn’t really taste the hazelnuts but the raspberries gave it a really fruity zing. It did have a very satisfying crunch to it though which made it even nicer. It did taste a bit fancier than your regular chocolate bar. I felt very posh.

The other good/bad thing is that you can’t eat too much of it in one sitting. It is quite rich, and two squares was enough to satisfy any chocolate cravings for the rest of the week, let alone the day. So good news is you probably won’t chow through this in one sitting, but the bad news is that it is not a ‘binging’ type of chocolate. Unless sugar shock is your goal in which case…this will definitely win.

Overall: 9/10. Super tasty, and I personally prefer a satisfying chocolate, rather than a sugary overload.

T xxx

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