Costa vegan cheesecake

The shops have FINALLY reopened here in England, and it is so lovely to see the world go back to some sort of normality once again. My partner and I had a wonderful weekend wandering around our local high street, and it felt so lovely to look around shops again and to see people having lunches and dinners outside in the sunshine. Granted, it is still pretty chilly, but any sunshine is good for us Brits!

All of that walking though (which is probably more walking than I have done in the whole year and a bit that COVID has had us in lockdown) I decided to treat myself with the new vegan cheesecake on offer at Costa. Costa have very few options treat wise for vegans, so I was quite surprised to see an actual treat on sale that also looked really good.

We are still not allowed to sit inside at places, so I got mine to take away, which is why it is a little sad looking and smooshed in the picture. It is salted caramel flavoured (as so many vegan treats seem to be) but cheesecake is rarely a bad idea. Before going vegan it was one of my favourite desserts so I am always on the look out for vegan goodies.

This was pretty bland actually. It didn’t really taste like salted caramel. It just tasted like sugar. And a lot of sugar. I got about half way through and needed to stop because I was starting to see sounds I was that buzzed from the sugar. It was also starting to get very sickly. It was very creamy though, to the point that it seemed to stick to the roof of your mouth after a while. Perhaps with a big hot drink, it would have been a really nice combination, but on it’s own it was just far too sweet and far too sickly.

Overall: 4/10. Definitely needs a coffee to wash it down, but I can do without.

T xxx

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