Plant kitchen no duck spring rolls

One of my first realisations about where my meat comes from, were duck pancakes. Growing up, my favourite toy was a stuffed duck called Duck. It was supposedly my first word and Duck went everywhere with me. Due to that, I have always loved ducks. I will always love sitting my a river or a pond and just watching the ducks go about their lives. Plus when they quack it sounds like they’re laughing at something, which always makes me smile too.

One of my favourite meals though, were duck pancakes. Crispy duck, a bit of plum sauce and some spring onions? Heaven. But then I realised that crispy duck was made out of real ducks. That the little ducks I would watch floating down the local rivers, quacking away, had somehow ended up crispy on my plate. And after I made that connection, I stopped eating duck pancakes. Don’t get me wrong, I miss duck pancakes. But I love the ducks more.

I have always looked out for vegan alternatives to duck pancakes though, and finally M&S have come through for me. These were about £3 and came in a pack of 8. I am a pretty big fan of M&S food, so thought that these would at least be a passable option, should I ever have a craving for a Chinese.

Overall these were very tasty. They did taste how I remembered duck tasting, and they were also not too oily or greasy, meaning the pastry was crisp and flaky. They give you about 8 in a pack (I have had a few where I got 9!) but really 4 is enough as they are pretty filling despite their size.

Be warned though…these things are salty. I know that duck is meant to be quite a salty meat but….good lord these things were heavy on the salt. While it didn’t overpower the taste that much, it definitely left that weird salty aftertaste in your mouth. I haven’t eaten duck since I was about 7, so my memory is pretty faded, but is that what duck tastes like? Please let me know if this is normal because I am pretty clueless!

As I say, they are good and they definitely do have that ‘Chinese takeaway’ taste to them, so I wasn’t really expecting them to be overly healthy for me. But the salt for me means that I wouldn’t have this on too regular a basis…maybe once a month? If that to be honest.

Overall: 6/10. They’re good to settle some cravings, but I don’t think your arteries could handle this on a regular basis.

T xxx

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