Umami – Impossible Burger

During my 2018 trip to LA, I was finally able to try the Impossible Burger. I had heard amazing reviews about it but had never been able to find anywhere in the UK that actually stocked it. We spent a day in Santa Monica, and came across the burger restaurant Umami, who was one of the first places I had seen that advertised the Impossible Burger.

Needless to say we jumped straight in.

Look at this burger.

It actually looks like meat. It tasted like meat. It had the juices and smell of meat. I was genuinely so scared that it was indeed meat and I had been an idiot and missed some sort of American Joke. The only thing that made me sure it wasn’t vegan was the very very VERY tiny texture difference: This burger had that slightly ‘too spongey’ texture to it that many vegan meat alternatives have.

This thing was absolutely fantastic. They had a special vegan mayo and vegan hot sauce that they added to it, along with lettuce, tomatoes and red onions, so obviously it tasted absolutely incredible. I finished mine, licked the plate and my fingers, and was almost tempted to order another even though my jeans were suddenly far too tight around my middle.

The one fault with it, is that it is almost TOO meat like. I genuinely picked apart one little bit to triple check it wasn’t beef it was that close. I never really liked the taste or texture of meat, so that fact that this was so close to the beef version really put me on guard. If you are someone who hates the texture of meat, you will also hate this. It genuinely had the juices that meat burgers always pride themselves on, so again if that isn’t something you enjoy then steer clear of this. Personally, I like knowing that my ‘meat’ is 100% not actual meat – I do not mind a slight rubbery texture and I don’t expect my food to be a 100% replacement for animal meat foods. So this was way out of my comfort zone.

But good lordy was it worth it. I have yet to try a burger that was as good as this one was, and I honestly think about this burger every time I have another type of burger. If you get a chance to go to Umami, please do try this. Umami also seemed like a lovely little restaurant, with wonderful french fries that were the perfect amount of crispy, and the atmosphere was really laid back and welcoming. Umami was a lovely way to end a very busy day of wandering around Santa Monica board walks and promenades, and was one of our favourite day trips during our trip. There were a lot of shops to walk around, and luckily very little traffic so we didn’t have to worry about looking before we ran across to yet another small bookshop or comic book store.

Overall: 10/10. This burger was almost too good to be true. Which makes me suspicious….

T xxx

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