Easter Egg Chocolates

Yes, I am aware that I am very late to this. But one of the harsh realities of adult life is that no one buys you an Easter egg anymore. You have to make an active effort to go out to the shops to pick one up. And did I do that in time? No I did not.

I was, however, slightly spoiled as I was actually gifted both of these by some lovely bigger adults in my life. But I also didn’t actually get to eat them until Easter had already passed because…again….adult life really gets in the way sometimes.

Now is it just me or is Easter egg chocolate different to actual chocolate. I don’t know if it’s how it is made or how it is only brought out once a year, but it just tastes different to your regular every day chocolate. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes this is bad. I don’t know what it is but Easter egg chocolate always seems like a really special, treat chocolate that you only get once a year. Maybe that’s how they keep demand up?

I love Nomo chocolates. Their chocolate bars are easily my favourite around so I was very excited to finally break into this. Oddly enough, it doesn’t really taste of much. Like yes it is chocolate but…not much of it. The Egg did come with a regular chocolate bar, and that was the usual creamy melty goodness that I love Nomo for. But the Egg was just…just a bit meh. Not really much of anything. That being said it did taste exactly like regular dairy milk Easter eggs did, so I suppose that is a good thing if you want something identical to the original.

Now M&S….very quick question…why this shape? Why would you make an Easter egg shaped like an eggplant?! We all know what the eggplant emoji means. So why would I want a chocolate version? Can’t quite wrap my head around that marketing idea.

Not to make anymore jokes about it….but this ‘egg’ was pretty thick. Usually with chocolate eggs they are quite thin so that they are easy to break, but this one really did take quite the beating (not like that, you nasty!) to crack it open in the end. It was very rich too. Like a true, dark chocolate richness that I feel most vegan chocolate now steers away from. It was really nice to actually have a vegan chocolate that wasn’t trying to be a copy of dairy milk chocolate. It wasn’t an overpowering bitterness but just enough of a kick that you didn’t feel super sick after eating a load of it. M&S are hard to fault with their vegan bits so I am not surprised at all that this one was my preferred option.

In summary though, I think Easter Eggs are a bit of a scam. I believe the Nomo was about £10 and the M&S one I can only imagine to be roughly the same price. Now you can buy a normal Nomo bar for 99p usually. If given the option of one egg, or 10 chocolate bars, I think we all know which we would prefer! Now hopefully these prices will go down as demand for the vegan alternatives increase, and it is for that reason alone that I would suggest buying one of these next Easter. But if you can not afford the Easter egg, or aren’t sure if someone will even like it, I suggest just buying the regular bars. Not only will you get way nicer chocolate (with nuts and berries and crispy bits too!), but you also get way more chocolate overall.

Overall: M&S wins in the Easter battle, but I am also glad that this was only around for a limited time. Much better options available for a fraction of the price throughout the entire year.

T xxx

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