Asda vegan rolls

We finally made it down to the Vegan Butcher counter at our local Asda and we were spoilt for choice. They have a whole spread of speciality vegan cheeses (reviews to follow), meat alternatives, dips, deli food, pastries, bakes – everything you could want they had. Including….vegan sushi!

I was actually very surprised by these. I don’t have very high expectations for Asda, as it is one of the cheaper stores and their vegan food has always been mediocre. They have a fair few options but nothing to get too excited about. At least not until this Vegan Butcher counter appeared and I think it has truly changed the game.

These rolls were lovely. They were wrapped with rice paper instead of sushi, so while they didn’t have that add crunch to them, they definitely felt lighter and I found they also seemed to hold together a bit better that sushi wraps tend to. This tray was £4, which seems pretty reasonable for what you got. Again, I would say that it was definitely worth the £4 and while it wasn’t as good as some of the higher end options out there, it was definitely a really affordable option.

It’s a shame I don’t live closer to the Asda, because there were so many other things I would like to try. If you do come across a Vegan Butcher counter near you, definitely have a look because their options were just amazing. I have never felt so spoilt for choice as I did at this place.

Overall: 6/10. Not the greatest, but definitely worth the price if you just want a little treat.

T xxx

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