Plant Chef breaded fish-free cakes

A nice new find on my weekly shop! As someone who never ate fish, I really didn’t have any expectations going into this. I know fish is meant to be served flaky, and it is meant to be a light meal. That is the extent of my fish eating knowledge.

These are…odd. They do have a fishy taste to them (in a good way, I mean) but it only seems to last for the first few bites. After that it starts to taste somewhat like mashed potatoes. It also has that texture of mashed potatoes. The bread coating is very crispy though, and when mixed with the slightly fishy potato inside, it is actually quite a pleasant meal.

The texture is odd. Because as you can see it does look very flaky – exactly how a fish cake should look. And it is very light. But it does not have the texture that you think it should when you bite into it. As I say…it is very similar to mashed potatoes. Does fish do this? Someone please let me know as I have zero reference to really compare this to.

In all I did enjoy these. They seem like a good thing to have in reserve, or if you want something quick and easy to cook up. They taste good but they aren’t anything spectacular.

Overall: 5/10. Average. Don’t expect anything more.

T xxx

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