Wicked! White berry ice creams

Here in England, Spring very nearly sprung last week. We went from 21 degrees on Wednesday, to snow on Friday. I think that’s as good as spring gets over here! But do we Brits wallow in the lack of spring? Kind of, but we have come to expect strange weather. But did all of England still get over excited and stock up on ice creams and sun cream? Damn right we did.

And yes…I was one of them.

I found these in my local Tesco for £2 (clubcard points discount) and decided to give them a go. The Wicked! range I have found to be very hit and miss, but their ice cream is usually pretty tasty.

These were no exception. They are white chocolate on the outside mixed little frozen pieces of fruit. Now I am not normally a fan of white chocolate, as I find it far too sickly, but the fruit did give it a nice little zing to cut through the sugar. On the inside (I ate it too quickly to get a picture) it is vanilla ice cream with a thick berry swirl going through it all, and again it was a very refreshing treat without being too sickly or overly sweet.

I was very impressed with these, especially as it seems very rare that you can find vegan ice cream that isn’t vanilla or chocolate. Before going vegan, strawberry ice cream was probably my favourite, so I feel like this is a very good replacement. Hopefully Wicked! continue their ice cream success and release more flavours.

Overall: 8/10. Thoroughly impressed by the Wicked! dessert range lately.

T xxx

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