M&S vegan sushi plate

Well it was bound to happen…there was bound to be a dud somewhere in M&S.

I don’t usually buy lunch foods, so am always interested in how many options there actually are for vegans on the go. The M&S store near me has a pretty big sandwich selection, most likely because it is slap bang in a pretty busy shopping area. Their sushi area took up a whole section of fridge and in the section, can you guess how many vegan options there were?

2. 2 options. And I tried the larger of the two.

It is times like that where I do sometimes forget just how ‘new’ veganism seems to be treated. Like the stores are still only just catching on the vegan lifestyle and actually starting to listen to the demand. I just find it odd how they can have an entire isle dedicated to plant based vegan food, but only 2 sushi options?

But I digress.

This stuff was…meh. It was definitely rice and it was definitely vegetables but apart from that it wasn’t anything special. Probably because it is made as a ‘quick lunch’ grab, it definitely had that texture of ‘I’ve been sitting in the fridge for a bit too long’. The rice had that cooked but not quite cooked taste to it, where it had been cooked about a week ago and then been processed so that it wouldn’t go off for another week. That kind of taste.

I was pretty disappointed. Maybe I have just been spoilt by some of the other sushi options i have had lately, but this was really bland. I definitely won’t be choosing this option again. Sad thing is, is that it wasn’t even that much cheaper than other places. £3 for maybe 6 little rolls of semi-cement rice? I’d rather spent £5 and go to Kokoro.

Overall: 2/10. Don’t even bother. Bad M&S. BAD.

T xxx

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