Linda McCartney’s vegetarian southern style chicken pieces

Linda McCartney, in my opinion, definitely makes some of the best foods. These southern-style pieces are the same that you can find in the chicken bucket that Linda also makes, except these can be found in the frozen section rather than the fridge isles.

I don’t know how….but they are ten times better when frozen. I don’t know if maybe it’s because they don’t have any time to sit and get soggy in the fridge, or if they are just made to be firmer so that they don’t completely dry out in the freezer. But these are bloomin’ lovely!

They taste exactly like the chicken bucket versions, but they are just a bit….thicker. They just have a much denser texture to them and they also seem to hold the flavour better. I am not sure if it is just how they were made to be freezer safe, but they do taste a lot better than the fridge option. They also hold together really well, so no worries about any of the skin falling off or the entire nugget falling apart when you pick it up.

They also have a decent kick to them. You actually get that southern fried sizzle to them and the skin does get very crispy. They taste exactly how I think southern fried chicken would taste. I never liked KFC or the like, so granted my frame of reference is probably not that broad! If you try these, let me know how they hold up!

Overall: 8/10. These are definitely a staple in our household now.

T xxx

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