Plant Kitchen salted pork pretzel bun

What a mouthful that is to say out loud!

I have wanted to try these for ages, but have only now been able to get my hands on one. With it being an M&S product, I expected it to be pretty good anyway, as I find M&S very hard to fault for the majority of their foods.

This was definitely a posh sandwich, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. You could tell it was one of these ‘fast food’, ready to go sandwiches that you pick up on a quick lunch break. It was definitely way nicer than most packaged sandwiches, but it was no where near as good as their fresher products tend to be.

It was still yummy though. It didn’t taste too processed, as in the cheese didn’t feel like plastic, and the salted pork did taste like salted pork. The bun was like a very hard brioche, but when you mixed all of the flavours together it was a very nice sandwich. But it did also taste, and have the texture of, a sandwich that had been sat in the fridge for slightly too long.

I am glad I got to try it, because it did perk me up a bit over a long weekend, but I don’t think I will go out of my way to get another one anytime soon.

Overall: 6/10. It’s the best of the bad options.

T xxx

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