Plant kitchen cauliflower bites

One of my ultimate comfort foods is cauliflower wings. Or cauliflower bites. Or just cauliflower in general now I think about it.

We found these at M&S and I believe they are new as I have never seen these before. Following the success of the Papa John’s cauliflower nuggets, we thought we would test some new ones to see how they all compare.

These are still very yummy. M&S is known for being quite high quality food, so I knew that they would be good. But how do they compare to the Papa John’s version?

Sadly Papa John’s wins again. The M&S bites are good, but they definitely don’t crisp up at all. They were slightly more spongy. Now that may be because of my oven, but the outside of these was more like a light batter than a really crispy covering that you would expect. We even left them in there for longer than recommended in the hopes that this would dry the outside out and crisp it up but to not avail.

Taste wise they are what you’d expect: Cauliflower flavour. They do have a very slight taste of pepper to them and I think I actually prefer that to the Southern Fried flavour of the Papa John’s version. These were very light and were a very nice addition to our lazy medley dinner of chips and sandwiches. And yes…I know that is a lot of carbs but the heart wants what he heart wants.

As I say though they are still very good. Papa John’s wins this round, but if you do get the chance to grab these at M&S then I would highly recommend you do. If you do try them, let me know how they turned out for you!

Overall: 7/10. With a proper crispy outside these would be game changers, but alas.

T xxx

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