Wholey Moly cacao and hazelnut cookie

Another little treat that I received in my vegan treat box. I have to be honest my expectations were pretty low, as I got the feeling that this treat box was of all of the ‘healthy’ vegan treats that are out there. The types of treats that are ‘candy like’, while only actually containing cacao and oats and dates. I am on the look out for these types of snacks because they are actually really hard to come across just in your supermarket so I am always happy to try them when they do turn up.

I was actually quite surprised by this. Now I feel the word ‘cookie’ is quite a loose definition of this, because aside from being a circle, it really wasn’t anything like a cookie. It was more like a flapjack, that just happened to be shaped in a circle to look like a cookie. Like it was trying to trick your mind into thinking that it was indeed a cookie.

That being said, it was very nice. I love a good flapjack so this was great for me. It tasted like nutella, so really what’s not to love!? It was sweet without being sickly, and the oats in it meant it filled me up for the majority of the day. It was also quite moreish, but it was a really good size too.

I have never seen this brand before and I also haven’t seen any of their products before. I would very much like to try some of their other products though, so if you guys have any recommendations please do let me know!

Overall: 8/10. It’s not a cookie, but it was a very good dupe.

T xxx

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