Rollagranola Almond granola

Every so often I get a real craving for granola. Something about the crunch makes it really satisfying to eat, and I do find I quite enjoy the change in breakfasts. I was giving this box again in my little treat box so was very excited to try this.

I was very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes granola can be overly sweet, where they add too much fruit or sweetener to combat the salty nuts and bland oats. But this was not the case with this brand. It tasted lovely, with just the right amount of sweetness. It was also not as crunchy as I thought it would be. The reason for this I cannot say but it actually made eating the granola a nice experience, rather than me worrying after the third bite if I was about to crack a tooth of a very stubborn nut.

I mixed my granola with just some plain soya yogurt and it was lovely. It was very moreish so it took quite a bit of strength to not eat the whole packet in one sitting! I am now on the lookout for some different flavoured yogurts to see how it mixes with the granola. It did also fill me up for the entire morning: Usually by about 11am after a busy morning at work I am looking for a pick me up snack to get me through until lunch, but this had me quite happily sustained until my 1pm lunch. It is also quite light so I didn’t feel like I had eaten tons of food for breakfast and it didn’t make me feel all sluggish as I went about my morning routine.

The only thing I could think to make it taste even better would maybe be the addition to some fruit to the granola. Perhaps they expect you to do that themselves, but it would be interesting to see how fruit changes how the granola works if it already came as a pre-made packet. Again I haven;t seen this brand of granola on the shelves before, so I think an internet dive is needed to see what other options may be available and to see if the price is worth it.

Overall: 8/10. More research needed, but a very happy and yummy find!

T xxx

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