Get Fruity raspberry bar

This was another little treat that came in my treat box. My go-to snacks have always been bars, because I like to try and trick my brain into thinking it is a chocolate bar.

This was very yummy! It was made of oats predominantly so had that oat bar texture, but also had so many raspberries in it that it was all you could taste. Which was actually a really nice change to most bars that only have a hint of the flavouring it claims to be. You know when you eat fresh fruit that turns out to be super sharp and it makes your mouth hurt a little bit? This was that level of flavour. I personally LOVE sharp fruit, especially when I am feeling a bit lethargic as it wakes me right back up again. SO this little bar was awesome for that.

It is quite a small bar compared to other options but I think that it was more than enough. It was very filling (probably because of all the oats) so one was more than enough to get me going until lunch time. As this came in a treat box, I am not sure how much it actually costs to buy. I have never seen them on the shelves near me, but according to Amazon you can buy a pack of 25 for £18. Which actually sounds like a good deal. They also appear to do a range of flavours so I think an online order is needed!

Overall: 10/10. Cannot fault these little bars.

T xxx

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