Boundless Nuts and Seeds

Another little addition to my vegan care package. And again more seeds….

Why do people keep assuming that vegans only want to eat nuts and seeds?? Have we not learnt from this. The package I was sent was a pre-made box from an online store so nothing was really hand picked by my gift giver. There were some really lovely little surprises in it, but also some really weird additions…like these.

Now I actually really like nuts, but with my partner having an allergy I try to avoid them as much as possible. I gave these a try and…I am mixed. About as mixed as this bag was!

I like nuts, and I like seeds when they don’t taste like seeds. I also like paprika and I like turmeric. But I really did not enjoy these. Maybe because I don’t really view paprika as a ‘flavour’? I swear no matter how much paprika I cook with at home I can never taste the paprika. But it does turn everything a nice colour so…is that what paprika is for? Turmeric too. I swear turmeric only turns all of my food yellow without actually tasting of anything? Am I using these wrong? Please let me know if I am just being a bit of an idiot who can’t use spices.

But anyway….these were just…not nice. I can’t say what it was. The flavours were there but I feel that they weren’t really added to the nuts. I would eat a little handful and I could just feel the paprika and turmeric sticking to the roof of my mouth. Like whoever made these cooked the nuts and seeds separately, added them to the bag, then added way too much spice and shook the bag up before sealing it. All the flavours therefore kind of mushed together into…a slightly spicy cardboard medley.

The big downside is that I don’t even know if I can salvage them as they did have a bit of heat to them. Usually with seeds and nuts you can add them to cereal or smoothies or porridge or cookies and they add something, but I feel these wouldn’t really work like that. Because of the spices they do have quite a kick to them, which I don’t think would go every well with morning oats or a berry smoothie. If anyone knows any good recipes that these can be added to please do let me know!

Overall: 2/10. Not good.

T xxx

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