Candy Kittens: Sour Watermelon gummies

Candy Kittens are definitely a gourmet sweet company. Their packets used to be quite expensive (usually around £3 depending on where you found them) but lately I’ve noticed they have become a bit cheaper and more widely available. Which is wonderful news! I hope it is because the demand for the vegan candies has been so high that they can now lower to price to be more in line with the rest of their non-vegan range.

These are so moreish. What is really nice about them is that they also do taste like what they say they will: sour watermelon. I mean when I say it like that it doesn’t sound too tasty but….trust me! These are very yummy. They also do a basic watermelon flavour so do try those as well if you find them.

There isn’t much to say about these. They are very nice gummies that actually have the gummy texture of Haribo type gummies. Sometimes vegan sweets that say they are gummy end up being a bit too chewy and can sometimes leave a weird texture on your teeth when you bite into them. Where they’re sticky but not sticky? If you’ve ever had bad vegan gummies you know what I’m talking about! But Candy Kittens are always very good and have always been a special treat in my household.

Overall: 9/10. Quite expensive compared to other options but I think they are worth the extra price.

T xxx

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