Pep & Lecker Seed Snacks

I was sent a little vegan care package a few weeks ago and am now managing to try all of the goodies that it came with. This was all sent to me by a friend, so I am not sure where to find it all. The good thing about the box was that I had barely heard of anything that came in the box so it was nice to see some new things.

Now I am not a person who can just snack on seeds. I can never understood why anyone would. I love seeds as part of a meal: sprinkled on porridge, blended into smoothies, added to cereal as part of muesli or overnight oats. But never as a stand alone snack. Most likely because I find that many seeds don’t actually taste of anything and always have a slightly weird hard yet smooth texture when you eat them. Whatever it is, I am not a fan of seeds.

I don’t know why I expected these to be different. They tasted like cardboard. Or at least how I imagine cardboard to taste. They were also very dry – I had to wash every mouthful down with a mouthful of water – which only added to the cardboard taste. I think I managed to eat maybe two of the little squares and even that was a struggle.

I am however going to try them crumbled up onto a smoothie or in my oats this week though, so hopefully that will take away some of that weird flavour and weird texture and overall cardboard nature of them. Like I said I actually enjoy seeds when they are combined with other things, and they are also so full of nutrients that I do want to incorporate them into my diet more. If anyone has any tips on how to enjoy seeds please do let me know!

Overall: 1/10. I shall let you know if this changes….

T xxx

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