Lovett’s apple pie

Oh dear oh dear…I knew I was finding too many good things for it to last.

In winter there is nothing more comforting and heart warming than an apple pie. Or apple crumble. Or anything apple based really. We actually got this just before Christmas but have only now had the opportunity to try it. It is a frozen dessert so lasts a really long time.

But my what a let down. It tasted….fine. It tasted like apples and a bit of pastry. That’s it. There was nothing else to it. It was very bland and just….pointless.

It also didn’t cook too well. Maybe this is just my oven but the outside crust got burnt and the inside of the pie was still raw….or maybe it just got really soggy from being frozen but either way it was mush in the middle and brunt to a crisp on the outside. And yet it still didn’t taste of anything!

Overall: 1/10. Just make your own. Any taste – even bad taste – is better than no taste.

T xxx

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