Asda Lentil bolognese quick pot

Work has really started ramping up a lot lately and therefore my lunches tend to be cut much shorter than usual. Now I usually always pack a lunch – very rarely do I go out and buy a sandwich on a daily basis – and I tend to make my lunches the night before to save me time the next day. However there are also those times where a) I can’t be bothered or b) we run out of food in the house. In these occasions I my go grabs are quick easy ready meals.

I was actually gifted this from someone at work. They tried Veganuary and have loved it, so have been bringing in all of the great vegan finds that they come across in their travels for me to then try. She highly recommended this little pot to me so I have it a go.

Now I was not expecting a lot. As with all pot noodle type things, they aren’t ever advertised to be amazing, nutritious meals. So….you all know what to expect. They taste ok but are really salty or sugary, and you usually end up hungry a few hours later.

This was a very nice surprise. By pot noodle standards it was royalty! You ‘cook’ it by microwaving the pot for 2 minutes in the microwave and while that can dry it out, it was actually very moist and a really nice consistency. I think it helped that it contained pasta, lentils and tomato sauce. There wasn’t really much that could go wrong. Now the pasta was a little mushy but that is expected from these quick pot meals. Like I said…I don’t expect a quality meal out of these.

The lentils were very nice though. I do not tend to cook with lentils myself because I always find a way to do it wrong or they end up going a weird texture and it is something I need to practice more, I am aware of that. But this meal actually filled me up for the rest of the day. I didn’t get that 3pm slump like usual where the energy from my lunch has now ended and I need some sort of boost. This had me full until it was time for dinner. I am putting that down to the magic that is lentils.

Overall: 8/10. Probably not the best to have on a daily basis but as a once in a while quick meal, this was very very good!

T xxx

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