Garnier hair mask

If you are new here, I have been trying to embrace my naturally curly hair and trying to repair about 20 years of heat damage to it. I have been straightening my hair since I was about 10 years old so you can imagine the damage that has been done. I decided in 2020, with lockdown in full swing and social gatherings basically illegal, that I would finally start looking after my hair and trying to embrace my curls and researching the curly girl method to get myself started.

Now Garnier is not normally a brand that I use as they usually test on animals and were not vegan friendly. So I was really surprised to find this hair mask that clearly states that it is vegan friendly. It was £8, so was quite a splurge, but all of the reviews of it online say that it is wonderful. I am also someone who, if there are vegan products being offered by a non-vegan brand, I will buy it in an attempt to drum up demand and to show support for the vegan options in the hope that more money and energy is put into making more vegan friendly products rather than the non-vegan products.

I have to agree with them. This can be used as a hair mask, a conditioner and as a leave in conditioner. I have been using it mainly as a hair mask and I am very impressed. As I say, my hair is pretty damaged so I am not expecting a miracle product to suddenly fix it all. But this stuff does get close. This makes me hair so soft and shiny and smells so yummy I could eat it.

I also have really thick hair so I am mostly impressed by how much product you get in this pot. To cover my whole head of hair it takes about 3 generous handfuls of product, yet I have now used this product 4 times and I have still not finished it. I only wash my hair once a week (one of the joys of having super thick curly hair) so not sure how it may be different for different hair styles and types. But I haven’t even been sparing with the product either so am really impressed at how long it is lasting.

My only downside to it is that it does have a bit of a weird texture to it. It’s quite….gooey. Which I don’t mind all that much but it is definitely a weird texture if you’re not expecting it. It goes onto my hair well though and doesn’t drip off or make my hair slimy or greasy, so overall this product is a very surprising but welcome find.

Overall: 9/10. Weird texture, but it is such a good product I don’t even care.

T xxx

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