Wicked! Chocolate cookie

Veganuary had so many things to offer that I am still trying to make my way through it all! Wicked! released these chocolate cookies and oat and raisin cookies. You can get a pack of 5 cookies for only £1…so you can’t really go wrong!

There isn’t much to say about these….they are cookies and they are chocolate. They are definitely more of a biscuit texture (i.e hard and crispy rather than soft and gooey) so were quite crumbly. But they did taste like a chocolate cookie and for £1 – well, 20p really if you get 5 cookies in a pack – you aren’t really expecting anything amazing.

That being said, I do slightly prefer a gooey cookie – I want the chocolate to be slightly melty and for the cookie to be soft and fluffy. I don’t mind crispy cookies but given the option I’d rather the doughier option. I would probably grade this the same as the Subway Cookie: If you want a crisp cookie, have these. If you want a soft cookie, go for Subway.

Overall: 9.5/10. Subway just slightly tops these for me but overall you can’t fault a 20p cookie.

T xxx

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