Chicago Town vegan Cheeseburger Pizzas

I have been hunting these down since they were announced for Veganuary and I have only just found them this weekend. Either they are in super high demand (which is most likely) or my local stores need to up their ordering (also likely). I managed to find one of the last packets at my local Iceland. They were only £2 (!!) so it took all of my might not to stock my freezer to the brim with packets of these. I am trying to learn restraint in 2021 and….well that wouldn’t have helped!

These did not disappoint. These are absolutely wonderful. I didn’t get much of the ‘cheeseburger’ flavour, save for the fact that this was a cheesy pizza with vegan beef bits all over it. Still tasted absolutely amazing though so it’s probably just a mute point.

The crust was to die for. It was so crispy and crunchy without being burnt, which usually happens with these little pizzas. The fact that these pizzas are small (at least small by usual pizza standard)is also really good because they are the perfect size for one person. They were very filling too so I actually felt quite satisfied after eating it, rather than feeling horridly bloated or still starving.

Overall: 10/10. I will now make sure to always have a packet in the freezer for those days when I don’t feel like cooking but also don’t want to totally stuff my face.

T xxx

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