The end of Veganuary

What a sad time it is. Veganuary is over and therefore the happiest time of the year is now over too.

Vegnuary is always exciting for me, as every year it gets bigger and the new foods on offer become more and more readily available. I went vegan nearly 5 years ago now and even 5 years ago the vegan world was a totally different place: the options were limited and they were also not the best tasting. But with every Veganuary the movement grows in popularity, the food becomes tastier and easier to obtain, and the options are also usually cheaper than the non-vegan options.

I hope that Veganuary continues to grow and I can continue to explore this lifestyle as it does. I have loved seeing all of the new vegan foods that are available and thoroughly enjoyed the little trips out to see what is new. In England, it feels as if we have been in Lockdown for a whole year (which, aside from a few months of semi-normality, isn’t far off from the reality) so being able to see that progress is still being made within the Vegan community and wider society has been incredibly uplifting for me. No matter how tough my week has been or how much I miss my friends and my family, I can still order a massive vegan pizza or easily pick up cheap soya milk whenever I want to.

Thank you all for following along with me this month. I cannot believe that I have managed to post something EVERY SINGLE DAY for this month. I am going to take Yet I haven’t even really tried every single new option that is now on the market for vegan food and that still blows my mind. I hope this has brought you a little bit of joy during these dark months and I hope that it also helped inspire you to try some vegan food if you do happen to come across it all.

Here’s to February, to 2021 and to more and more discovery together. Stay safe everyone and I will speak to you all soon!

T xxx

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